Amir Taheri takes a look at PM Maliki today. Here’s the ending:

The mullahs dream of that “last U.S. helicopter” taking off from a Baghdad rooftop, spelling the end of American hopes of bringing decent government to Iraq.
The Murtha Democrats may not want a humiliating American defeat in Iraq but would like something that looks like one. Only perceived defeat in Iraq would give their party something with which to unite its base and make a bid for the White House next year.
It may be a coincidence. However, each time Democrats throw a poisonous arrow at Maliki, they are followed by mullahs doing the same the next day. Maybe Maliki is doing something right?

One thought on “Maliki

  1. It amazes me that the folks in the Dem party don’t seem to see that they agree with what I perceive to be the bad guys..maybe they think they have some redeeming qualities?
    I would be horrified if the mullahs had the same policy outlook as my party.

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