Loony Hugo

I tell you what, once you get a little power and realize what you can do with it you become hard pressed not to use it!
So now you’re thinking this post will be about Chavez taking over private schools in Venezuela if they don’t conform to his standards of education. (read socialism)


This post is about Chavez more equitably distributing time amongst the day. Because he can do that.

the measure sought “a more fair distribution of the sunrise,”
Navarro said the government is planning to announce additional measures to “make more effective use of time.”

ROFL – do you suppose they could make more effective use of their own time (govt) vs bothering with their citizen’s effective use of time? The measure is moving the clock back 1/2 an hour.

Edoardo Sez suggests it be called “CCT – Chavez Crazy Time”.
I don’t disagree!

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