Looking for Ideas in Saudi Arabia

Maha Al-Hujailan suggests that they need more ideas for fighting terrorism in Saudi Arabia. The column notes that essentially westerners are better about looking at weird things that go on with a jaundiced eye towards terrorism while they tend to let the authorities handle everything.

In Saudi Arabia, we rarely come across a program, a poster or an awareness campaign designed to educate citizens about the necessity of carefully dealing with terrorism. The problem is that we have people unfortunately belittling the threat of terrorism.

There is a majority that believes it is not their duty to chase criminals, report or detect them because it is the responsibility of the security forces.

I have an idea. I’m not positive but I suspect if the authorities in Saudi Arabia would treat their citizens like citizens instead of criminals then the citizens might be more willing to get involved in pointing out the true bad guys. (From the state department on travel there:

The U.S. Embassy in Riyadh cautions American citizens that Saudi Arabian police authorities have detained potential witnesses to crimes without charges or access to legal counsel, and with limited or delayed consular access, during the investigative stage of criminal cases, which can take months. On occasion, Saudi authorities have temporarily confiscated the personal effects of detained potential witnesses. Even when released from detention, witnesses to criminal incidents may be prohibited from leaving the country until investigation of the incident is complete.

Not to mention the whole Christian woman problem.

Just an idea.

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  1. So maybe the philosophy differences go even deeper …presumed guilty until proven innocent? Seems that is the way the stuff we hear about with women goes.

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