Local News

Thought you all might enjoy this story from my local paper.

U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Martin Patterson was here and spoke to Longmont High School students. He’s a Medal of Honor winner who apparently got into tons of trouble through his younger years.

In Vietnam, Patterson was under the command of Col. Julius Becton, who went on to become the Army’s first black three-star general. Patterson again misbehaved — he wouldn’t specify how for the newspaper — and Becton had to serve Patterson with yet another Article 15.

But Becton was laughing as he did so, Patterson said. Patterson didn’t know why.

Years later, the two were in a parade together, and Patterson finally got to ask Becton why he thought it was funny to give him an Article 15.

According to Patterson, Becton replied, “I am the only person in the Army who can say I recommended a soldier for the Medal of Honor in the morning and gave him an Article 15 in the afternoon.”