On money:
Charles Krauthammer on money. And consequences and priorities and free markets and getting what you pay for. Laugh line:

The senator was vexed. The U.S. auto companies were resisting attempts by her and other Senate well-meaners to impose a radical rise in fuel efficiency by 2017. Why can’t they be more like the Chinese, she complained. Or, to quote Sen. Dianne Feinstein precisely: “What the China situation, or the other countries’ situation, shows is that these automakers, in all of these countries, build the automobile that the requirements for mileage state. And they don’t fight it, they just do it.”

Yes. That is how things work in Communist Party dictatorships.

Doh! (emphases mine)
On Middle Eastern Violence:
From the Arab News: Saudis getting sick and tired of violence.

People who are obsessed with the concept of jihad should start with themselves, their children and families by raising them properly and helping their wives in maintaining a happy environment for the family. I believe that doing this is much better and healthier than promoting destructive and violent ideologies that poison people’s minds and lives.

On Saudi Arabian Culture:
And this funny story about young men not being allowed in shopping places in Riyadh. They (the young men) are kind of fed up. So what’s the quote? Again from Arab News:

The youngster, who did not want to be named, said the situation was unfair. “We feel wronged because women are the source of problems and can go anywhere they want wearing fashionable clothes under their abayas. They wear provocative clothes and the only people who are punished are the ones who bother them. Young women are to blame,” he said.

Ah yes, the clothes under the abayas!!
And one more on Immigration:
While there are many sad stories across this nation in all the different newspapers about the Immigration bill being the end of George W. Bush and how the bigoted element in the US won, this one hit me right between the eyes and made me want to change my mind.

Not. (and please note as you read your papers, that more often than not the writers are using the term “immigrant” rather than “illegal immigrant” or even “undocumented immigrant”.) Anyway, poor Ernesto who came here from El Salvador because..

Although he earns barely $1,200 a month, he does better here as a painter, carpenter, landscaper and electrician than he ever could in Cabañas, his hardscrabble native region of northern El Salvador, which is rich in beans and sugar cane but bereft of jobs.

Yes, tons of people “do better here” than they do in their own countries. If we want to have no borders, we can talk about that. But I’m much more sympathetic to this story from an Instapundit reader:

I’m a professor in California and my wife holds a masters degree in accounting. We’ve already spent thousands getting work permits. We’re now in the process of applying for green cards … they’ve make it so complicated you can’t reasonably do it without legal help, and all up (legal fees plus government filing fees), it’s costing us over $9000 for my wife and I to apply for Green Cards. On July 30th, they’re increasing the filing fees. Currently it’s $940 for me and $740 for my wife. Come August, it’ll cost $2200 for the main applicant and $1725 for the spouse. On top of that, they wouldn’t let me pay tax as a married person until I’d been in the country for 10 months, so not only was there no “tax amnesty” for me, I was in fact paying more taxes than an American in the same position. I find Americans are always shocked when I tell them how much it is costing us. It seems like every few months they make it more difficult for people who want to do it legally.

Why on earth does Ernesto get the front page of the Washington Post, but this guy is forgotten?

Dear Congress,
Next time clear the backlogs first, then secure the border, then lets talk about the illegals that are here right now!!

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  1. AMen to all that! Can’t believe Pelosi has gotten as far as she has, the freak.

  2. I’ve gotta be picky here: “On top of that, they wouldn’t let me pay tax as a married person until I’d been in the country for 10 months” makes no sense to me. My wife’s an immigrant (legal-like). Immigration status has no effect on tax rates or filing status. I double checked that with a family friend who immigrated with her husband and now works at INS (ICE, but people usually look at me all confused when I use ICE). Either this couple is getting cheated by a corrupt IRS guy or they’re lying.

    As for the ridiculous application times, backlogs, and all that – true, true, true. My wife came here as a student, married me as a soldier, took care of the home front (never underestimate the worth of a wife at home) when I went off to war, joined the reserves herself when she got her green card, and has done everything with honor and integrity… and she didn’t get any breaks or amnesty or reduction in fees.

    I’m glad to see this bill dead. Seal the border, THEN talk about reform.

  3. Thanks for the personal story. And the fact checking on the other one. Of ALL people your wife should have the reduction in fees. Make that a part of the new “immigration bill”.
    -deal with the backlog
    -secure the borders
    -reduce fees for those who serve.

  4. Immigration Reform didn’t stand a chance with Sen. Edward Kennedy spearheading the issue. Most people I know think that he’s a fraud and a nitwit. It would have been better if a new senator such as Sen. Obama or Sen. Webb were at the helm.

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