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Ah well – time will tell.
So for today….

Do you all remember the Israeli’s getting into trouble for jumping onto that Turkish boat fill with “humanitarian” help for Gaza? Apparently the group that was the humanitarians that the world felt so bad about are……connected to al Qaeda.
Israel awaits it’s apology by NOT holding it’s breath.

On the theater shooting where the old man couldn’t take the texting of another we get some fun little commentary from CNN. Bold is mine.

Sadly, theater violence is nothing new. Less than two years ago, an Aurora, Colorado, cineplex was the scene of a shooting massacre that left 12 people dead.
Theater chains had already moved to ban handguns. Cobb Theater, which owns the Grove 16 and more than 120 other theaters, says posters displaying its zero weapons policy are posted on its front doors. Other chains have also stepped up safety measures.
Still, is that enough?

Concerning the NSA figuring out ways to infiltrate disconnected computers by means of radio waves the reporter added an odd ‘but’ without first telling us who started it.

The N.S.A. calls its efforts more an act of “active defense” against foreign cyberattacks than a tool to go on the offensive. But when Chinese attackers place similar software on the computer systems of American companies or government agencies, American officials have protested, often at the presidential level.

Seems to me, if China started it, then yes, this is “active defense”, no ifs ands or buts.

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