I’m a bit rushed this morning but please note:

Venezuelans will be starving soon since Loony Hugo is now stealing food in order to re-distribute it at his price. It worked so well in Zimbabwe.

The Anchoress takes a look at the Clinton election secret plan.

And JK has a question that I can’t answer. Why do primary voters not come out en masse for their person even if that person isn’t actively campaigning in their state?

I have no idea.

And since Rudy has been my man and has not been advertising himself and hence not getting votes, let me say HUH??? to his latest vote getting scheme.
Selling below market insurance to those who live in high risk areas. Now there’s a strong GOP ticket! lol

is new Web video proudly announces that among the GOP candidates, “only one has a plan to lower rates and fix the insurance mess. Tested in crisis. Ready to lead. Rudy Giuliani.”

So the hero of 9/11 will apply that experience to making sure South Beach homeowners can buy insurance at below-market rates. America’s Mayor is now vying to become America’s Insurance Commissioner.

In other news concerning the same subject, McCain is looking more like a Republican:

The most refreshing message has come from John McCain, who pointed out that we already have FEMA (and, we’d add, at least 26 other federal programs intended to assist people after natural disasters). Mr. McCain is opposing the House bill and has instead proposed reforms to make private insurance less costly. These include creating an optional federal charter to enable insurance companies to easily operate across state lines

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  1. Rudy is sounding more like a democrat and McCain is sounding more like a Republican (this week that is – but can you really trust this guy?)

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