Instapundit wonders where the press while the Democrats funded the war. (and yet while the Dems running for President conveniently couldn’t make the vote)

Aunt Aggie at Bloodthirsty Liberal links to a David Brooks piece having to do with baby boomers. (she quotes her favorite parts) My favorite part?

If Sal Paradise were alive today, he’d be a product of the new rules. He’d be a grad student with an interest in power yoga, on the road to the M.L.A. convention with a documentary about a politically engaged Manitoban dance troupe that he hopes will win a MacArthur grant. He’d be driving a Prius, going a conscientious 55, wearing a seat belt and calling Mom from the Comfort Inns.

That’s right, he’d be 50.

I don’t know what exactly is going on in Darfur right now and this BBC story about the Sudanese govt pledging money to the Darfurians doesn’t help at all. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that President Carter is part of the story??

A human rights organisation says it has evidence that Darfuris who have been sent back to Khartoum by the UK government have been tortured.

The Aegis trust says that a number of Darfuris were severely abused and assaulted in Sudanese detention after being declared failed asylum seekers and deported by the British authorities.

(Deported from where? Darfur? And then sent to Khartoum? Isn’t it the AU that is there helping? Who are these British authorities? Are they from the UN? On whose authority?)

As long as we’re discussing tragedies, Spiegel today has a story on nightly killings going on in Burma. The killings have stopped making headlines because now they are happening under cover of darkness, according to rumors. The press isn’t allowed to go out at night and the writer of the story couldn’t even safely be identified.
Night killings or no, it’s a mess.