Lies, damn lies, statistics

I don’t doubt for a second that this, from the Washington Post is true. “That study found that supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did.”

But what does it mean? Think about it – if you’re a bigot, or homophobic or even anti-abortion or a born again Christian how welcome would you feel in today’s Democratic party? By default you would vote GOP simply because no Democrat would ever let you even speak, let alone attempt ajustments to platforms that agree with you.

One thought on “Lies, damn lies, statistics

  1. Maybe I just don’t ___ing get it, but I think this is a bunch of BS. I have been a registered Dem and a registered Rep, feel like I have to trade off certain issues for what is most important at the time-hopefully not many agree with everything any one party “endorses” and does?

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