Lies, damn lies and statistics

This, from Captain Ed cracked me up today. Apparently the amount of calories used up while walking to town, when re-consumed with the farm products you eat to make up for the exercise contributes more to global warming than just driving the car would.

I’m going to start a new business. Selling carbon offsetst to exercisers! Where is Al Gore when you need him.

(ps The title just pertains to looking at numbers in ways to fit your conclusion. Do people who walk a mile or two to get someplace really eat more to compensate for that? Give me some money and I’ll study that for you.)

3 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies and statistics

  1. The energy has to come from somewhere. One could walk it once off of fat stores, but if you are going to commute on foot two miles, you have to get those calories somewhere.

    A commenter on our blog worked for Performance Bikes. They found — but hesitated to share — that the gas engine was more efficient than a trained athlete on an expensive bicycle. I can put you in touch if you get serious, or funded…

  2. I’m just pretty sure we all have an xtra 2 miles of calories in us as it is.
    Personally I eat because its time, or I’m bored. Similar to most people. It’s not often because I need the calories.

    If I threw in an xtra 2 miles a day, I don’t think I would eat more to cover the energy expended.
    Would you?

    But I am definitely interested in the bike vs machine numbers. I always thought the bike was the most energy efficient transport there was.

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