So the president also lied about his mother – big news.

Well, not really as we expect this president to lie all the time. And why does he get away with it? Because the right allowed the left to accuse Bush of lying about Iraq. It became “known” that Bush lied, people died. Government lying is normal, right? Because of that normalcy, we don’t address it nearly enough and certainly not strongly enough.

The Dunham tale was meant to personify the hundreds of thousands — or millions — of Americans who were “dumped” by insurance companies when they became sick. This is an invented tale, and might have been rebutted by the insurance industry if they hadn’t gotten into bed with Obama in 2010 in return for millions of coerced new customers. As the Washington Free Beacon reported, academic studies have estimated that policies were dropped in only four-tenths of one percent of cases in the individual market.

In a 2010 radio address, Obama said one carrier was “systematically dropping the coverage of women diagnosed with breast cancer.” The CEO of WellPoint, which had reason to believe the president was referring to her company, responded that they had provided coverage in the previous year to 200,000 breast cancer patients and had canceled just four policies for fraud or misrepresentation.

If there had been a true epidemic of wrongly canceled policies, wouldn’t there have been a slew of lawsuits and an outcry?

Instead of that slew of lawsuits and an outcry, we just got the outcry. And because Republicans are unwilling to face an ugly mob, they didn’t address the bald faced lies.
Bush “lied”!!! “Oh, ok, well, we’d better get out of there, the American people are angry”
Obama “lied”. “Oh, well, that’s ok because his mother is just a montage of all those people dumped”
Obama “lied”. “What difference at this point does it make?” And we walk away.

It makes all the difference in the world.

Even now, Obama is claiming that September 30th, no one had told him the website wasn’t ready. Bullshit. Clay Shirky (ht Jim Geraghty’s morning jolt) (well worth a full read) thinks it could be true due to his experience in big companies. What scared employee would want their boss to go out and claim this claptrap about the website when it’s known. Obama didn’t listen. Obama shut people up. But he knew. He figured the press would cover for him again. And again, we are letting him bullshit his way around it.

Oh look, a squirrel, I mean Iran.

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