Libya, still

On day 2, Obama “knows” it’s terrorists and says so, and reiterates that he knew during the 2nd presidential debate.
On day 5, Susan Rice does her dance.
On day 12, Obama is on The View talking video nonsense.

Now we know a) talking points left the CIA reflecting terrorists and that b) somehow Rice used “Intelligence” talking points to reflect unruly mob.

The disconnect, somewhere in between the two.

How do WH talking points work.
Generally……WH staff secretary receives the intelligence, reads it and staffs it out to other dept and agencies for review and additions. Which tells me that someone, somewhere, that is easily traceable changed these points.

Keep at it no matter how much the media decides we know enough. Please.

Hot Air

Ralph Peters has some choice words starting with:

President Obama treats the truth the way Bill Clinton treated blue dresses on interns.

I’m happy to have Mr. Peters back.

UPDATE: Senator Chambliss via Hot Air

Leaders from the State Department, FBI, CIA, including former CIA Director David Petraeus, testified on Thursday and Friday. Regarding the allegations that the original CIA talking points had been changed so that terrorist involvement was not included, Sen. Chambliss said, “Everybody there was asked do you know who made these changes; and nobody knew. The only entity that reviewed the talking points that was not there was the White House.”

As both Chambliss and Lieberman note, it’s not so much who made the memo change that led to false information being shared by Rice later, but what actually happened on Benghazi, before and during 911. The memo bits will just help pinpoint where the freaking problem is with getting information.
Someone at some point signs off on things and yet 2.5 months later no one can say anything other than “I’m responsible”. “Did I give the orders?, well no, not me, but I’ll take responsibility. The buck stops here and all”.

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