Let’s not Forget “This is the Greatest Country in the World”

Read this column by Ralph Peters and go out and have a great day!

Ralph is never a happy guy from what I’ve read, yet today he notes what an amazing place this is as evidenced by this year’s primaries.

And, whatever you and I may think of individual aspirants, I can’t find another primary season in our history in which so many diverse voices could be heard.
The eventual nominees, Democrat and Republican, will have to take all of those voices into account. E pluribus unum.
Once I tune out the 24/7 blather and the pundits who don’t think you and I can think for ourselves, this primary season makes me even prouder to be an American than usual.
I’ve spent a lot of time in broken countries. I know all too well how few human beings really have a say in selecting their country’s leaders – even in nominal democracies. So, to me, this election cycle seems little short of a miracle.

True, so true.

He’s supporting McCain with a Lieberman Secretary of State. I wouldn’t be unhappy with that at this moment.