Let the Advice Giving Begin

Personally, I’d like to see John McCain create more ads about himself as I think that Obama’s celebrity wears thin. I’d like to see a woman or a minority man chosen as his VP choice, yet this person should have secure conservative credentials.

David Ignatius wants McCain to become his maverick self again.

McCain’s triumph, finally, was that he got over Vietnam. He didn’t fulminate against antiwar activists. (“I have made far too many mistakes in my own life to forever disparage people.”) He accepted the ways America had changed in his absence. He didn’t bear grudges. He had finally grown up. McCain wrote in a magazine article soon after his homecoming in March 1973: “Now that I’m back, I find a lot of hand-wringing about this country. I don’t buy that. I think America today is a better country than the one I left nearly six years ago.”

That healing gift is what McCain, at his best, brings to the presidential race — not the brass marching band of military valor but the tolerance of someone who has truly suffered.

He sees the man described above as spinning his wheels trying to please other people. I don’t disagree.

In this LATimes blog the author asks where Obama’s mojo has gone. He lists a number of the reasons given (racism) before getting to what is probably the crux and suggests that Obama announce his VP candidate for another little boost.

Read them both, it’s just a very sharp contrast between the two men.

Also, this column by Henry A. Kissinger. He’s a promoter of no time tables, but check this out.

Of course, we cannot tell now whether these changes are permanent or whether, and to what extent, they reflect a decision by our adversaries, including Iran, to husband their forces for the aftermath of the Bush administration.

Hmmm, now why would anyone feel they needed to “husband their forces” after the Bush administration?? Perhaps because Bush is a leader not to be reckoned with?? (update to clarify – a leader who will whoop their collective arses) Hmmm?? I believe President Bush will go down in history (eventually) as one of the great ones.

That line from Kissinger says a lot.

Particularly as the leader of al Qaeda leaves Iraq to go crouch in the safety of the hills of Pakistan (ala Sadr and Iran) right when a good strong leader would (shall we say) “stay the course”.

My advice to you al-Masri is to stay gone.

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  1. I do wish McCain would go positive ads instead of all the negative campaigning – it doesn’t work for restaurants or anything else and in politics it is even more distasteful.

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