Legislation by Popularity

Vs common sense.

I would never want to see the government of “intellectuals”, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a government that will look the populace in the face once in a while and say things like……

Global warming is disputed. To combat the models you keep presenting would bust our economy into little bits, and as evidence of the last quarter of 2007 and the first of 2008 your heads can’t handle a little shakiness in the economy. The polar bear numbers seem to be equal to or greater than they were in 1965 so no, we’re not going to list them as threatened or endangered by global warming just because in photos they look really cute and fuzzy. Instead we will stop the government from ousting all the wild horses in the West Douglas region of Colorado who have been there for a few hundred years just so that cattle can have cheap grazing lands that no one ever pays real market dollars for. Speaking of cattle, we’re also going to stop culling the buffalo that roam out of Yellowstone just because you think that maybe someday, it’s possible for them to spread brucellosis in spite of no documented evidence that it’s ever happened. Especially without considering that the elk wander about far more freely and also carry brucellosis and yet you folks don’t want us to cull the elk. Also – we’re not going to support the farm bill which is why we screwed it up yesterday on purpose. It’s given us another chance to look at it and say, Stop the Madness!”

Thank you and have a nice day.
The Government.