Most people don’t have a clue how our government works. In Montreal right now, is the UN Climate Control Conference where apparently the first hours were spent dissing Bush for not signing Kyoto. via Yahoo News.
1) Clinton may have signed but Congress never did so it didn’t count anyway.
2) Bush didn’t sign because a) he knew congress wouldn’t and b) because “Economists from the Clinton White House now concede that complying with Kyoto’s mandatory reductions in greenhouse gases would be difficult – and more expensive to American consumers than they thought when they were in charge.” This change in tune from the Clintonites is part of the reason that Bush decided to reject Kyoto.

In the meantime, greenhouse gas numbers are going down in the US due to things like offshoring of industry, and new diesel emission rules implemented by Bush. (Imagine if the offshoring were due to the fact that we DID sign this treaty.)
Yet, New Zealand gets fined according to the rules of Kyoto. And it’s suggested that they even build a big dam for clean energy consumption!

The treaty is flawed, so we didn’t sign it.