Kyle Smith with a bug up his butt

Yesterday Kyle spent time writing a column about the fat models magazine spread in Vogue.


Apparently he’s very upset that we aren’t more critical of the overweight and we sure shouldn’t be admiring them or giving them space in a fashion magazine.

Somehow he wraps the whole magazine around whether or not having overweight models (or fatties or blimps or Norbits or…well, he uses all sorts of terms) is good for the magazine business. Um – yes, dude it is.

The purpose of the magazine is two fold. 1-sell ads, 2-sell the magazine and the fashion. Maybe Calvin Klein doesn’t want an add next to an overweight model, but by coming out with these versions every once in a while, real people can see what “fashionable” clothes look like in sizes you’re likely to find at the local Walmart.

The average American lard lady would, if sent to Paris, find herself slimming down instantly. Paris is, literally and figuratively, built for the tiny and lithe. American giantesses wouldn’t be able to squeeze into a subway seat or through the closely-arranged tables of a 5th arrondissement cafe, and, if they tried, they’d be subject to mutters of disapproval and rude stares. Shame — the certain knowledge that you have given those around you ample reason to disapprove — is a powerful societal weapon. See how well it worked on cigarette smokers and drunk drivers? Importing a little Parisian attitude to America would vastly benefit the tubby.

Yes, let’s go back to times of “shaming” people for doing things you find unacceptable….because that’s a better way to live. Like in Paris! Where in reality people slim down because the whole place is made for walking. And walk they do.

Mr. Smith couches his insulting statements about overweight women by comparing the beauty of James Gandolfino and Rosanne. ? How about Queen Latifah or an internet favorite, Christina Hendricks? No. Overweight to him = Rosanne.

He wants to blame feminism for female obesity and would like for us to be more Parisian with shame meted out to the “fatties”. I would rather the shame be meted out for extramarital affairs (like here, but unlike Paris) and leave rotundness to the rotund.

I can’t believe Mr. Smith cares so much about this. I probably don’t read enough to know much about him specifically though…I can’t believe anyone cares so much about this. I just don’t have anything else to write about today and as long as we’re doing NYCity nannystatism we might as well turn to a NYC columnist who “cares” about your body mass.

2 thoughts on “Kyle Smith with a bug up his butt

  1. I just don’t understand peoples anger over someone elses body. It just doesn’t register with me.

    Kyle Smith is quite a disgusting person. It seems he would rather someone kill themselves trying to fit into an image that he would prefer.

  2. I agree. It doesn’t make sense that he feels sooooo strongly about what Vogue magazine does with it’s photo shoots.
    “A bug up his butt” is all I can figure and an excuse to call women names that aren’t very nice.

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