Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson is one of the best writers out there. I don’t care what subject it is, if he’s written the column, I’m going to read it.
Andrew Klavan supports him with this (ht Maggie’s Farm):

Now, I love reading Kevin’s pieces and sometimes I agree with them, or part of them. But here’s a fun fact to know and share: When I disagree with something he says, I don’t burst into flames or faint dead away or explode or even melt like the Wicked Witch. I merely sharpen my arguments against his and wake the morrow morn a wiser man.

I completely agree. That’s the point of reading opinion columns. You sharpen your own thoughts. You may even be convinced. [aside: often you hear that people should read from the left and the right….as soon as the left brings me a writer like Kevin Williamson, I’d be happy to]

Jeffery Goldberg of the Atlantic hired Mr. Williamson and fired him 2 weeks later due to the screaming of the masses. It’s quite clear that the US rule of not negotiating with terrorists is a good one. As the screaming masses win each of these “fights”, they just scream louder the next time around.
Good luck with that, you on the left. It will turn around and bite you in the rear.

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