Kentucky Derby

We’re the caretakers. We’re the ones making the decisions. You would not send your 8 year old out onto the High School football field or your high schooler out with the professionals unless their were rules of engagement the keep them safe.

This was a tragedy that did not have to happen. With Barbaro and now Eight Belles, something HAS to change!

5 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby

  1. These horses are too young to be run in a pack of horses they don’t know. They just run like heck…survival takes over. That horse ran in pain. She had to have fractured an ankle or two during the race. Yes, horses love to run, but the overbreeding has produced thin, small ankles. They are not yet fully developed!How could all that pomp and circumstance go on without even acknowledging that a horse just died? I was disgusted.

  2. Very sad. Amazes me that they basically abuse the poor animals when I know they treat them like gold with security guards and stalls better than most people’s homes and personal chefs…..

  3. I heard on the news the other day that every horse in the derby this year was a decendant of Native Dancer (derby winner of yore), as was Barbarosa, so with this kind of inbreeding is it not possible that might have something to do with weak ankles (wrong term)? It is also almost common knowledge that the stress exerted on that part of a horses leg when running is incomprehensible.

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