Keeping an eye on Latin America

Dr. Demarche is now writing over at “American Future”. I knew there were a number of elections coming up down south, but there are 12. Including Mexico.

Of his lessons to learn:

“Second, we should seriously re-examine the ideals behind the Monroe Doctrine – not because they are wrong, but because it is possible that something very similar might easily emerge in reference to Iraq. The abandoning of Latin America by Europe guaranteed failure for generations to come. We must not follow that path once the enemy in Iraq has been defeated.

When the war ends, and Iraq is able to defend herself against the “insurgent” and Baathist holdouts she will need the support of the world to heal and emerge as an independent nation. For the U.S. (or the U.N) to say “hands off” after the war would be to condemn Iraq to the fate of post colonial Latin America. I am not referring to the internal government of Iraq, which should be left to the people, I am referring to access to markets. I realize that it will sting to allow nations who not only failed to aid in the establishment of a free Iraq , but who benefited illegally under oil-for-food and actively opposed the fight, to profit from the successful conclusion of the effort, but the victory will not be complete until Iraq has joined the modern world and market place.

We have been accused of imperialism and Empire building by those who know the game the best- the former rulers and exploiters of most of the world. We must be sure to avoid bequeathing the same fate to the Iraqis that they left to their former colonies; the current situation in Latin America provides the best lesson “Old Europe” can teach us. The question is- are we paying attention?”