Keep Spinning those Stories MSM

Today we see more on the narrative.

This column on corporations working to convince people to do what they can to avoid the fiscal cliff really tries to be neutral at the beginning even making this very good point:

And yet the calls go unheeded. The nation can’t rise above, or come together, or fix the debt, for some very good reasons. On issue after issue—global warming, tax cuts, even personal economic feeling—Democrats and Republicans see the world differently. In fact, it often seems as though they represent two different countries.

Then, it fails:

The Republicans, who still command a majority in the House thanks to gerrymandered districts, are shrinking to a rural and Southern core. (There isn’t a single GOP representative east of the Hudson River, save Peter King of Long Island, which is really part of its own universe.) The Democrats dominate the urbanized coasts and the industrial Midwest.

The more the Republicans lose, the more stubborn and obstinate they become. They don’t want to do a deal with President Obama. They don’t want to compromise on taxing. They want to rip up the safety net, except for the portion that covers those who are already receiving benefits. They have said so, over and over again, to the press, to their own leaders, to anybody who will listen. The Democrats, having won two presidential elections in a row, are in no mood to rip up the greatest achievements of generations of Democratic presidents in exchange for smaller tax cuts than would be achieved by going over the fiscal cliff. And it seems unlikely that either side will have a big change of heart in the few remaining working days.

Republicans apparently came to be elected through gerrymandering (aka cheating) while Democrats are just popular. Republicans are obstinate as they lose and “don’t want to deal” and “don’t want to compromise”. They “rip” safety nets.
Democrats are unwilling to let go of “great achievements”.

Try this one, entitled “Tax fairness and the wealthy” by unknown Ray D. Madoff. I opened it thinking it may possible be a reasonable position but look at his opener. By agreeing to let taxes go up on millionaires, this author has determined that Boehner agreed that taxes “must go up”.

While there appears — or, at least, appeared — to be some agreement between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner that taxes on the wealthy must go up, the amount of the increase remains undecided.

And just like that the narrative has changed.
The GOP agrees!!! Taxes must go up!!