Just Links

To the News:
Pravda finally writes about the hostage situation. They mention that the German foreign minister is insisting on Iran fixing this.

Tass notes that Russia is helping to work out a peaceful settlement in Iran. On the hostages, no. They haven’t made the news yet on Tass. This is on the nuclear situation.

Amir Taheri notes that it’s the lefties in the middle east who support America.

While Chomsky and Moore see the US as “an evil power”, many leftists in the Middle East see it as a force for good that ended the tyranny of the Taleban in Afghanistan, dismantled the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and forced the Syrians out of Lebanon after 30 years of occupation.

In the blogs:
Powerline notes that Pelosi in choosing not to say anything about the hostage situation because she doesn’t want to “insert itself (congress) into an internation situation” is now going to visit Syria. OMG!!!

Captain Ed has some thoughts on power and the lack thereof. By going to the UN, the British have screwed themselves royally in my humble opinion. Now they have to wait.

INDC sees good news in Iraqi Army abilities!