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The latest news around the world not involving a Clinton:

The BBC notes what’s going on in Somalia. The Islamists are threatening Ethiopia who may or may not be trying to help the recognized government.

“The incursion of Ethiopian troops into Somali territories is a declaration of war on Somalia,” said UIC national security chairman Sheik Yusuf Indahaadde.

“We call on the international community to urge Ethiopia to withdraw its troops from Somalia. If that doesn’t happen the consequences of insecurity created by Ethiopia will spread to neighbouring countries and to East Africa as a whole.”

But Somali government spokesman Abduraman Dinari denied that any Ethiopia had crossed the border and said the reports were being fabricated by the Islamists to distract attention from their advance into Kismayo.

The Adventures of Chester clarifies what’s going on in Thailand and why the King may have supported the coup. (ht Instapundit who is today’s celebrity mention. My sister may be having breakfast with him and Ace this morning.)

It seems Thailand has made two strategic errors in the past 15 years, the first of which was the dismantling of intelligence assets in the south.


In the absence of this lack of knowledge, it seems that ousted PM Thaksin made his second error: he responded to the insurgency with heavy-handed tactics, rather than classic counterinsurgency strategy. This only served to make things worse.

More on the NIE report from Powerline. This thing was written in April and leaked now. The answer to this is to open it up to scrutiny as much as possible. Daylight. Powerline has a source with some other quotes from the report that you won’t see in the NYTimes.
And of course Clinton. Varifrank has a great post reminding us of what things were like during Bush’s first 8 months which brought back memories. Newsbusters takes a peak at CBS’s Harry Smith interview.
There’s a blogswarm over this alright but it wouldn’t have occurred without “the rant”. Drudge’s headlines early this morning were awful incendiary. Sure it drew you to the story but then Secretary Rice had a nice calm reasoned response to Clinton. Not a rant. Drudge has since change his headline from “Condi calls Clinton a lyer!!” to “Condi says Clinton: Wrong!”
There’s a bit of difference there. I can’t figure out how to link to his old headlines though. Sorry.

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UPDATE: No breakfast with Glenn or Ace today. It was a signing ceremony they went to.

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  1. I have to laugh at the thought of a debate between Condi and Clinton…kind of like Dr. McCoy and Spock going at it (with Condi being Spock, of course)…..all emotion vs. all logic

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