John Bolton

Caplis and Silverman of KHOW radio has Ambassador John Bolton on today for a short interview. (These guys are on talk radio in Colorado. A Democrat and a Republican who are lawyers and friends.) This should be the link to the show.

Do you remember the firestorm about Mr. Bolton? Mr Voinovich’s tears?
Listen to this interview. (it’s short)

The man, John Bolton, sounds perfectly sane and very diplomatic to me. He gives credit to the IAEA’s referral of Iran to the Security Council and the permanent members’ acceptance of that referral. He gives credit for the the French Foreign minister’s very direct words today accusing Iran of working to create a nuclear weapon. He talks about the ingrained culture at the UN of antiIsrael and antiAmericanism that needs to change. And he talks about the UN report on Guantanamo that came out today. (previewed earlier)

I liked him last August when he was first mentioned for the post and we heard that he was an actual critic of the UN rather than a UNophile, and after this nice little interview with a local radio station, I like him even more.