Jobs Americans won’t do

This story cracked me up.
Apparently you can’t find American personal assistants at $1/day. But no worries, because most of the assistance we need is in making reservations, finding a good restaurant, maybe planning a vacation or tutoring the kids. You don’t need to actually be here to do those things…

Call centers in India can help. The story is from Spiegel and they have a small misunderstanding where they think Globalization is a dirty word in the US. Maybe in some towns/areas/protest groups, but in general we like cheap goods. And now, cheap services.

Globalization may still be a dirty word in the United States, where it is a synonym for downsized jobs and cheap production in the Far East. But lately middle-class Americans have also been discovering the advantages of globalization for their private lives. It turns out that the outsourcing much beloved by companies can work for personal households too. And, thanks to the Internet, the possibilities are practically limitless.

The article even notes that online gamers hire Chinese people to keep playing while they get some rest. Is that cheating??

I know you want a phone number/site…, for example, offers virtual assistants for individuals and companies, under the slogan, “Why bother with mundane and boring tasks?”

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