Jessica Lynch (?)

Here we have Don Surber (and Jessica Lynch) blaming the military for the famous “Jessica Lynch” story.

Retired PFC Jessica Lynch’s testimony before Congress today was devastating. She, along with members of Spec. Pat Tillman’s family, told of how they were used by the Pentagon to sell stories of heroism that just were not true.

And here we have Richard S. Lowry blaming the media for said story. (ht OPFOR)

It seems to me that Congressman Waxman and his committee should be investigating how the media perverted the story to build its ratings. It is appalling how little regard some of today’s journalists have for the truth. CENTCOM immediately announced Jessica’s rescue. It was good news. But, it was the American media that ran the 15-second video of her rescue over and over and over and over again. It was the American media that turned her rescue into a propaganda event. And they did it for the worst of reasons.

The truth is probably in there. The military probabaly enjoyed getting some good media attention at that point.