It’s getting closer to being time

I’ve commented on ANWR over the years. Gas had gone up and everyone was hollaring. Must get into ANWR so we can lower gas prices. I said we needed to NOT go into ANWR because it needed to kept safe as another strategic preserve. Someday we are going to really need to not have to bend over to the middle east and Venezuela and even Mexico, and when that day comes we need our plan B.
It’s getting closer.

Why the f are we propping up loony Hugo so he can end democracy in Venezuela and shoot protesters? Is it only because of the oil? Even the Saudis think he’s a piece of s*** as he works to politicize/revolutionize their bank accounts. I suspect he would hurt more than we would right now, but if we wait forever, that won’t be the case. He can find new buyers over time but right now is when he’s becoming dictator for life. And no one is saying anything!

The Bush administration seems to have abandoned any effort to influence events in Caracas, hamstrung by Chávez’s use of “the empire” as a foil. Worst of all, Latin America’s own democratic leaders, who rallied in the 1990s against a less-ambitious attempt by right-wing Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori to install an autocracy, have largely been silent. Unlike Chávez, Fujimori didn’t have petrodollars with which to subsidize his neighbors’ fuel or buy their debt bonds; Chavez has spent billions on both.

I take it back. BLT is saying things. And Daniel is keeping us up on the direct news there.
I would start threatening to open up ANWR and cut Venezuela off. Threatening at this time, but holding out some idea of buying more out of Canada as they rev up their supplies. Scott (who actually works with the environment) has whole list of things he would be doing titled “Sane Environmental and Energy Policy. Many of which I agree with.

Either way we really need to have more foresight to not allow oil to fully run foreign policy. At least I understand that train of thought though. What I don’t understand is what’s holding the media back? Tiananmen square was big! Chavez’s student shooting is puff.

It’s getting closer!