It’s a Conundrum alright

Jonah Goldberg is an entertaining writer, but for the most part I need to agree with his commenters here.

In the column Mr. Goldberg basically says if you’re socially liberal/fiscally conservative you are really a liberal and should be voting conservative.
(though he of course adds the caveats that he is speaking to those of you who voted Obama while spouting this socially liberal/fiscally conservative claptrap – hello Noonan and Althouse)

In reality, you are really a Libertarian who should be voting conservative until/unless you have to weigh one freedom against another. As Jade says:

jade Milton Friedman the 20th • 3 months ago
The people who vote based on social issues are the ones affected by them. It’s easy to forget that when you’re privileged.

I didn’t vote for Obama and will probably never vote Democrat again. But that doesn’t mean I’m not socially liberal. There are fine lines on both sides.
On the right, who the hell is the government to determine what I do with my body, and who a person marries. On the left, will you be pushing these “freedoms” so far that now religious people have no right to determine what they will insure and who they will hire?

It’s a conundrum that can only lead to the socially liberal/fiscally conservative to vote GOP, even when the GOP can’t win without the very socially conservative running. Otherwise, you end up without your most basic freedoms upon which all the others can be built. What’s yours is yours, and government should do it’s best to take as little of it as possible.

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