Iraq/Syria and the US of A

AQI declares was on the Sunni in Iraq.

In a second statement, AQI announced its First Annual Zarqawi Memorial Murderous Ramadan Rampage.

Captain Ed notes that they really didn’t call it that but they might as well have. Making friends in all the wrong places.

Powerline notes a bit more on the Syrian raid.

Bill Katz notes the absence of major interest in the raid by the American media and wonders why. “Could it be that they choke over any notion that the Bush administration’s concern over WMD might be justified?”

Michelle Malkin has photos of the Gathering of Eagles. (which I’ve read as a “counterprotest”, but I believe the Gathering of Eagles were there to protect the friggin monuments that seem to often get the brunt of anti war protests!)

So Thank You from me to those folks who made it out there!!

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