The Iraqis, in the end, are going to do alright because the people there are getting it. I remember when we first got there and someone was complaining about the lack of newspapers and one of our military folks suggested to the guy to start his own if he didn’t like what was out there. The Iraqi man had never even considered that it would be possible.

Now, in a meeting in Baqubah, Michael Yon shares a bit about how the meeting went between Colonel Townsend and the Iraqi army there to sort of work through ways of cooperation a little better. Colonel Townsend had 7 rules and an oath.

Much was discussed. Here is one of the rules along with the discussion. Just one of the reasons I’m pretty certain they are going to make it.

5) Register with Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces [biometrics for CF].

The “biometrics” part of #5 was an issue partly because Coalition Forces do not share biometrics with the ISF, and so in fact we are asking Iraqis to submit to photographing, fingerprinting and retinal scans for our use. The Iraqis politely offered their consensus that this was not a good idea, and Colonel Townsend chuckled, saying even Americans wouldn’t go for that. [Can’t blame him for trying.]

That’s not to say it’s time to cut and run. We still have responsibilities there.

Anyway – Read Yon and send him money.