Iraq Update

From Iraq the Model. Expect results on Thursday of this week.

I think that now it seems that the greatest danger facing Iraq is not al-Qaeda because this rejecting this organization by the Iraqi people was just a matter of time; the greatest danger right now is the possible interference of the neighbors in Iraq’s internal affairs to destabilize the country and impede the political process in the effort to escape the pressure applied by the international community on those neighbors and I think the interference this time will focus more on recruiting certain political powers in Iraq to implement the plans of those countries rather than using old allies like al-Qaeda or other terror groups.

The reason why I’m expecting this to happen is because lately we’ve been hearing Syrian and Iranian officials repeatedly saying that America wouldn’t dare escalate the situation with them as long as America is stuck in the Iraqi swarm.

It looks like the regimes in Syria and Iran have their eyes focused on the “Iraqi swarm” and forgetting the swarms forming beneath their feet…

Emphasis mine. They sound like they are a lot closer to those Syrian and Iranian officials than we are, don’t they? What they don’t get is that we aren’t stuck in a swarm. The election is over soon. That doesn’t mean we up and leave but that does mean that life goes on. If “normal” becomes car bombs every once in awhile, then that’s what’ll be normal. We’re not stuck. Iraq will make it. They-the Iraqis- want it too bad to not make it happen.

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