Iraq the Model

Congratulations to 4 years!! These guys are actually the first blog I ever read. I was looking for “real” news directly out of Iraq and ran into Iraq the Model. They’re now bigtime Pajamas Media guys.

Good for them.

And today they have an interesting story out of Baghdad about an attack prevented. It sounds like it would have been quite big too.

Yesterday a joint US-Iraqi force with help from local anti-al-Qaeda awakening fighters in the Adhamiyah district in northeastern Baghdad found and disarmed more than 20 vehicles rigged as VBIEDs in a parking lot.


Fortunately this has been prevented and whatever their plan was, it’s vapor now and they will have to start all over again… That’s if they don’t get caught, killed or kicked out of the neighborhood, which seems to be happening quite often these days!

2 thoughts on “Iraq the Model

  1. Thanks for that! You KNOW we would never hear about it from the AP or CNN or…….
    they sure are quiet about Iraq since the deaths have decreased, arent’ they?

  2. Right now, someone needs to pull every quote from all the leading Dem’s and the candidtaes about never setting a deadline in war and juxtapose them over the good news in Iraq. It is almost unbelievable that they are demanding we set a date as we are kicking butt! Just wait, in about February, a couple of things will happen, massive layoffs of Defense civilians, contracts drying up and contractors getting layed off and the DOD will announce force reductions because of the success. The Dem candidates will be standing around in their knickers asking “what just happened?”

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