We ARE winning this! The Star Tribune in MN even posts a positive story. via Powerline an Interview with reservest Jeff Vold by Katherine Kersten

**Vold knows the painful cost of aborting a mission midstream. He was in Somalia in early 1994 when America turned tail. “We abandoned the Somali people because we took 18 casualties in October 1993,” he said. “It was a shameful act.” That same year, he sat in frustration on a troop ship off Kenya as hundreds of thousands of people were hacked to death in Rwanda. After the first Gulf War, he says, we left the Shiites to a bloody fate. “In Iraq, we’re going to stay the course against the terrorists and give the people a chance at freedom and a representative government.”**

May we really, stay this course. Thank goodness we still have three years of a President determined to do what’s right. Because check this out!!!!! Bit by bit, little by little, the Iraqi’s are taking over!