This actually sounds like a ‘take charge’ sort of attitude is going on over there. Good for them. May it work. Not only for them, but for us. I listened to an Apache Helicopter pilot yesterday at a Lion’s club meeting here in town and the main thing he wanted us to take home was that what we’re seeing in the media, while true, is true mainly for a spot with about a six mile radius. The country is moving forward. Bit, by bit. He suggested that with Ramadan coming up and in particular September 19th that more and worse violence can be expected but we’re doing alright over there.
So be strong!

2 thoughts on “Iraq

  1. I like that take charge thing! It is really fabulous that the Iraqis are taking the responsibility and WANT it – they don’t want us to keep fixing it for them.

  2. I know. They really are amazing. What a bunch of turmoil they’ve had to go through over the decades.

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