Iran wants to talk

Charles Krauthammer says no. I agree.

ust yesterday the world was excoriating the Bush administration for its unilateralism — on Kyoto, the ABM Treaty and, most especially, Iraq — and demanding that Washington act in concert with the “international community.” Just yesterday the Democratic nominee for president attacked President Bush’s foreign policy precisely for refusing to consult with, listen to and work with “the allies.”

Another day, another principle. Bush is now being pressured to abandon multilateralism and go it alone with Iran.

His conclusion I don’t think I would trust at all. He suggests we should talk but if and only if the UN agrees that if the talks fail they will fully support military action. That way we go into the talks with a big stick. I wouldn’t trust a word the UN says.

One thought on “Iran wants to talk

  1. Iran and the UN are just a PAIR. They can flap their jaws some more but I think they will just alienate anyone who isn’t already.

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