Iran Follow-up

via Amir Taheri

The Pelosi mission confirms the analysis made by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the United States is incapable of developing and implementing a long-term strategy. In this analysis, America might wake up one morning and decide to do the exact opposite of what it has been doing for years.

He has more of the “Pelosi Doctrine” and how it compares. Read….read….


Captain Ed

The British have begun investigating these televised interviews, which were clear violations of the Geneva Convention, a pact that all signatories pledge to follow in any conflict, whether declared or not. The sailors and Marines have indicated that “psychological pressure” came from their captors to make those videos, which could be yet another violation of the GC, depending on its form. More significantly, the British have suspended all boarding operations in the Persian Gulf, which means that the waterways into Iraqi ports could open up once more to terrorists — a situation that benefits the Iranians most of all.

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  1. so for a caveman reaction….is it too late to blow THEM off the map? Since that is obviously what they want to do to the rest of us?

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