Matt Drudge has this frightening interview with President Ahmadinejad. Let’s review a few key quotes.

1) First, the threat:

“Do the removal of Israel before it is too late and save yourself from the fury of regional nations,” the ultra-conservative president said.

Does he not realize that we ARE taking care of this problem by not allowing him to have nuclear weapons?
He wants us to remove Israel, we say no, it has a right to exist.
He says do it before it’s removed for you and we say, how are you going to do that?
He says, I’m getting out of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and we say, ok, fine, but
KABOOM. Does he not see this at all? Has he no thought at all for his people? How is this helping them?? It’s a pride thing I’m sure, but sheesh. We weren’t ‘dissing’ Iran until they started operating outside their previously agreed upon treaties. You can only put this guy into the loony crowd with Chavez and go on. Sadly he’s got the potential for some serious firepower.

2) Let’s go to cartoons

“How comes that insulting the prophet of Muslims worldwide is justified within the framework of press freedom, but investigating about the fairy tale Holocaust is not?” Ahmadinejad said.

Would someone please explain to him that investigating the Holocaust is completely justified within the framework of press freedom and there are plenty of books/articles about it. Including his own quotes! Where has anyone said it’s not justified? (We just don’t buy it)
This cartoon thing is amazing and not about cartoons. It’s about ME leaders (and I suspect, backroom Al qaeda) figuring out how to keep the “we hate the west” meme going strong. The Religious Policeman has it down pat.
The ME is often run badly. But do the people blame those in charge, no, it’s the fault of the Jew, or the West. With elections going on and freedom inching around, and the Haj mess they needed an outlet, and this is what was wrought.
It’s not difficult to stir up a mob as every high school class in America knows based on the Nazi experiment we often run. If you have less to lose in a riot, it’s even less difficult for you to resist a good mobbing. Keep spreading the American dream and you’ll end up with fewer riots like this. In the meantime, either quit printing this stuff (which by the way, I believe the press is free to print even though I may squirm in my seat every time I see some distasteful antireligious display) or get every single western media to print it and bombard everyone with it day after day after day until it’s old news. Everyone likes new news, even rioters.

3) Palestinian Elections

The president said that the results of the parliamentary elections in Palestine and the victory of the Hamas group “clearly showed what the people really want.” …..
“You (the West) want democracy but do not respect the outcome,” Ahmadinejad said, referring to the election results in Iraq and Palestine. …..
“It seems that you (the West) only want that form of democracy whose results just repeat your standpoints and only follow your policies,” he said.

Would someone ask this guy a simple question? se!! What does he mean?
We respect the outcome of the Palestinian election, completely. We see it for what it is. Palestinians want Hamas in charge. That’s fine. We just don’t really feel the need to pay for this! That’s it. Follow the money.

4) And finally

“The era of military force is over, today is the era of nations, logic and worshippers of God,” the president said.

Um, no.