The Islamic Republic News Agency has found a Mr. Craig Murry who used to work for the British Foreign Officers Maritime section to claim that the UK has set up “fake” boundaries in those waters where the hostages were taken.

“The Iran/Iraq maritime boundary shown on the British government map does not exist. It has been drawn up by the British Government,” Murray said after the Ministry of Defence published a map about the incident on Wednesday.

LOL I wonder then, what boundaries the Iranians are using when they claim that the Brits were over the line? (using a 2nd set of coordinates because the first set showed them on the Iraqi side)

This just goes to show that there are Rosie O’donnells all over this world!

According to this Mr. Murray the taking of hostages for going over a nonexistent border is a-ok with international law.

Read this guy in a view from Iran.

As I said before in my other posting, even if the sailors were in our waters, the problem could have been solved by using something called megaphones. Iran should and could use this tool more often to prevent anybody getting into our waters. This high tech device could prevent a lot of international crises.

LOL Megaphones, ya think!!?

Actually I sit here and think….what the hell is going on? Blair has like 2 months left in office, Bush has a year and Iran doesn’t quite yet have nuclear weapons. It’s like they want to start a war. Not like they’re testing the waters, but like they want this war to start. Is Ahmadijinad looking for the 2nd Iman now because he knows that the next 2 administrations may not be willing to fight under any circumstances??