Interesting Times (mispelling corrected doh!)

In Spiegel today is the story about how France’s Sarkozy – (the so called pro American rube) – is offering nukes to Germany.
(Germany politely declined citing their signature on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty!)

Why was this offered? (Actually re-offered as Chirac gave it a try earlier.)

Can France not handle the big boy’s club? Especially now that they see Iran for the threat they really are? (See also here where bloodthirstyliberal asks: “Is anybody paying the least freakin’ attention???”)

I would add that student groups in Iran certainly are paying attention – as they get rounded up or else sign up for their new classes.
Burqua wearing 101
Intro to Beard Trimming and
Advanced Methods in leg crossing without skin 103.

One thought on “Interesting Times (mispelling corrected doh!)

  1. And with the Kidnapper in Chief visiting the states…..this would be a good time for an accident of some type, wouldn’t it? I suppose someone worse could rear their ugly head though?

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