Go ahead Glenn, start that party on up….I’d join.

And once again, it’s not just bloggers who think the Administration is crazy. So far, every time they’ve done that they’ve had their head handed to them. That’ll happen this time, too, and if they should happen to “win” and pass their bill, the consequences for the GOP will be even worse. “Bizarre Republican Death Wish?” Indeed.

Frankly, that’s okay with me. I’ve long been unhappy with both Democrats and Republicans. The GOP has been better on national security, though that advantage is fading with time, but overall both parties have been lame and more likely to unite in opposition to citizens’ rights and liberties than to compete in protecting them. I’ve often at least sort-of hoped for a third party that would combine the GOP economic-libertarian strands with the Dems’ social-libertarian strands.

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2 thoughts on “Instaparty

  1. I’d probably sign up as well. Especially if they took Glenn’s reader’s tag line: “Dreaming of an America where millions of happily married gay couples have closets full of assault weapons.”

    The problems are:
    — a Pew poll puts the number of libertarians at 9%. Not gonna light up the electoral map with that unless we all move to Wyoming.
    — Read Brain Dougherty’s “Radicals for Capitalism.” Every time a group of Libertarians numbers more than ten, they will split up and never talk to each other (People’s Front of Judea!)

    I agree with the Professor on civil liberties but not immigration. Ron Paul’s with us on spending but I can’t go for his isolationism.

    What you’re dreaming of is a plurality of people who agree with you and are able to exercise power. Madisonian Democracy dictates that you have to align yourself with some folks you may not agree with.

  2. Well yeah that’s what I’m dreaming of.

    Reasons why I’m not a politician? Aligning myself with people I disagree with while giving up the bigger parts of stances for the sole purpose of “coming to agreement” would probably make me cranky.

    Long live the Judean People’s Front! LOL

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