“Injecting” yourself

I am pretty certain that it’s congressional leaders along with Bush’s folks who are doing the “negotiating” on a bailout. So why is it that because McCain is going to DC to help get everyone to agree on a plan, the news is calling it “injecting himself into the middle of delicate negotiations”?

Isn’t this his job as the new leader of the Republican party?

3 thoughts on ““Injecting” yourself

  1. How about “his” job as a sitting US Senator? I can think of 2 other people with that job as well. And I can’t remember which snarky news outlet suggested that Gov. Palin ought to be helping out — sure if Alaska was the financial heartland of America — otherwise, what about our current elected representatives to the House and the Senate?

  2. Yeah, what noname2 said! And if anyone campaigning isn’t putting this ahead of campaigning in importance in life, I am sure not voting for them!!!

  3. I don’t know how Washington works exactly, but I can’t imagine that DC works well with all 100 Senators in a room trying to negotiate a big plan.

    That’s why I suggested it was McCain’s job (and Obama’s) as the leader of the party vs simply because he was a Senator.

    Good Lord, who on earth would suggest that Palin go too? Unless she was some sort of expert.

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