In All Things, Look for the Hope

So let’s look at the Clinton non-inditement…..

Not a single one of us had any expectation that Hillary would be indicted. None of us really believed that. It’s how she got to the top of the primaries. In a real world her party would have kept her from participating until after this date. And then they would have voted her down as being incompetent.

But this is Clinton’s world. And the rules are not their rules.

Comey actually announced that she was guilty and how she was guilty and then said, don’t bother with it.

Banana Republic is what we have right here folks and it will continue and become worse without some massive tilt. And that’s where Trump comes in. Best candidate? Not by a long shot. A loooonnnnnng shot. But, is there another candidate out there that would be willing to point out all the Clinton flaws and bring them to the light of day beyond a holiday weekend? There is not. (though it’s early – so I keep hope alive)

And for me – one person out of millions? Yesterday morning I was still planning on ignoring calls to help walk the precinct. Today I will not. Yesterday afternoon I was able to look a friend in the eye and say, yes – I WILL be voting for Donald Trump. Not because I agree with his policies, his manners, or his hair, but because he is currently the only person able to stop this runaway train of political corruption most clearly noted by Hillary Clinton in many, many ways but by the email scandal yesterday. Hillary’s judgement is clearly not conducive to being president.

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