Immigration – the Illegal Kind

There’s so much written on it (illegal immigration) and I’ve written on it plenty in the past but wanted to direct you to this column by George Will, because he agrees with me so nicely.

Not only concerning how to treat the current 12 million:

Treat the problem of the 12 million with benign neglect. Their children born here are U.S. citizens; the parents of these children will pass away.

But also in the whole idea of importing an underclass. I’m all for allowing more people in legally. I am not however into the idea of allowing guest workers in to work for less than legal wages. Increase the wages and you’ll find out what Americans are willing to do. ie What the heck kind of job is sign spinning? Around here it’s usually white guys doing the spinning. Maybe they’re illegal Russians or something, but I doubt it. Instead I suspect they pay enough wages to hire people to do this job.