Powerline rebuts Peggy Noonan’s piece today and has a perfect line.

There was no crisis that forced Bush to move immigration to the front burner last year. It was simply the President’s trademark determination to do what he thinks is right, regardless of the political consequences, that brought us to the present pass. Bush is about two more noble actions away from being ridden out of Washington on a rail.

Emphasis mine. Loved it!

Speaking of people longing to be somewhere else, in the Meditteranean they have some serious problems.

For three days and three nights, these African migrants clung desperately to life. Their means of survival is a tuna net, being towed across the Mediterranean by a Maltese tug that refused to take them on board after their frail boat sank.

The title of the article is “Europe’s Shame”, but it was an Italian boat still searching for another overloaded illegal immigrant boat that finally saved this group. Check out Pajama’s Media for the picture. People do long for better lives.