Aaaahrg! again. I’m going to start needing blood pressure pills at this rate. The New Zealand Herald has a Reuters story on immigration.

This is my favorite line.

With United Nations data showing 59 countries worldwide already not producing enough children to avoid population decline, it seems odd why many developed countries, including the United States, are looking to tighten immigration laws.

What do the newspapers not get about the difference between immigration and ILLEGAL immigration? And why is it so odd that a country just might want to determine who arrives, who stays and who gets to re-populate their “aging constituency”?

No one wants to “tighten” immigration laws. We want people to follow the laws that exist!! If anything, most everyone I know would be happy to loosen immigration laws and allow more people in to this country but guess what? We want them here with papers, and histories and names with birthdates and stamps and things like that. Not just walking across the desert with 2 gallons of water and a cousin waiting for them.

One thought on “Immigration

  1. Gee, it is so hard to come up with an example from recent history that makes America a little less welcoming to the illegal immigrants..maybe the hijackers who got their papers at a 7-11 and drove planes into twin towers? Could that be a reason to crack down on illegals? I agree with the amazing selective reading/hearing of the media with that “illegal” part……

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