Dr. Demarche takes on the subject. His outrage and mine seem to match a bit. Mexico is a beautiful, resource rich place. Fix it! On the first comment is a link from someone scoffing that Mexico is even in bad shape. Oh, yes, the economy is improving, but read the link – Mexico is a mess. It could be fixed. If all these very bright, very brave, very innovative and entrepeneurial people that are here were to instead put all of their talents into their own country……what a nice place it could be.

3 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. Thanks for the link. I was wondering myself if that commenter had asctually read the piece he linked to, and I agree 100% that Mexico is losing it’s best chance at reform to the fruit fields of the U.S.
    Dr. D

  2. Dr. Demarche,
    MY pleasure to link to you! I love your work and have been reading it for a year now.

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