Latin American countries to protest a pending immigration bill. They want to – well…

“At a meeting in Colombia they said they were concerned about the bill, being debated in the US Senate, and wanted jointly to promote Hispanic migration.”

Why don’t they want to make their own countries places where people want to and can afford to live? Why on earth is promoting Hispanic migration to the US on their agendas at all?

First rule of investigations is to follow the money……
money sent from the US to Latin American countries is easy money if you think that simply about it, but what about the longterm consquences in regards to resources? They are sending bright minds to this country to do crap work and send home tons of money. Why not try keeping those minds at home to build up their own country and build up their own unique sources of income without relying on us? What paradigm says that the US is the only country that can be rich so we won’t even bother trying?
“Colombian Foreign Minister Carolina Barco said it was essential for Americans to understand how much Hispanic workers contributed to the economy.
I think we basically know, which is why immigration legislation is so hard to get passed.
We have laws in place. We ask only that they be followed. For those people wanting to come here illegally, maybe you could think about contributing to your own economy instead of worrying about ours.
We are a people who are willing to pay for “salad in a bag” and yet the standard, ‘we need illegal immigrants’ argument is that without them, lettuce would go up in price. Please.

ps – please note that I am talking about Latin American Leaders here “promoting” migration vs fixing their own houses. That’s where my beef is lying. Not with Joe Schmoe, or rather Juan Gomez who is looking to better himself/family.

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  1. I totally agree with you per usual blogress. And agree with comedian Jake Johannsen who makes a good argument for a “burning river of gas” that illegals would have to cross to get into the country; and not just from Mexico, from Canada too, to be fair.

  2. Actually while I would make it harder to illegal entry, I’d start with employees here. And I’d start harassing these counties (re Mexico) who after all of these years of emmigration have not been working to fix the problems that cause so many people to leave!

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