Today in the Washington Post E.J. Dionne Jr. has a great column on the ridiculous debate tactics used by Romney and Giuliani as it concerns illegal immigrants.

What happened on Wednesday night is actually scary. A legitimate concern over the failures of our national immigration policy is being transformed into an ugly attempt to turn immigrants into scapegoats for all our discontents. The real shame is that both Romney and Giuliani know better.

Amen. Why is there no one in any power that will admit we clearly need more legal immigration and that it must be quicker to get it?? Once that happens then the illegal immigration will die down. These people are too idiotic to run this country. (sadly, I’m too cranky to do it!) LOL

Mr. Dionne’s column is titled “No Nothings Who Know Better” Afreakingmen.

Speaking of the debate, Dinocrat easily takes Mr. Giuliani to task for his whining about being asked about his financial stuff during his affair that looks a bit iffy.
Amen to his compliments for our current President.

The way Bush deals with critics and criticism is one of the things I admire about him. All the presidential candidates should take a page from his book.