Some folks still don’t get it. After bashing people for not connecting poverty levels with immigration, Robert J. Samuelson essentially suggests that poverty numbers would be further reduced if only we a) legalized the illegals here now, b) enforced the borders and c) increased legal immigration numbers for those who are highly skilled.

And that’s true. IF that’s the goal!!
The reason there is so much illegal immigration is because of the number of low skilled jobs that are available!!!

Adjusting legal immigration to favor the highly skilled isn’t going to fix that. You have to adjust legal immigration to favor the low skilled. Then you have more people to do those jobs that “Americans just won’t do”. OR you make it so hard to enter/hire that wages start to go up. Since that will never be allowed, the only fix is to increase legal immigration of the low skilled.

And I don’t mean work permits for the low skilled. We’ve been aghast by that when it was the Chinese who were imported for labor. People come here to improve their lives. Let them. Come, get started at the farm or whereever, then move on up and out of poverty as other low skilled workers are allowed in.

Just come with papers. That’s all I ask.

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