You’ve heard my stance on immigration. I love immigrants! I’d like to see more! But I want every one of them to have proper paper work. And those that cheated to get here, I’d like to see admitting that they pushed their way in and realize that their “right” to be here is fine as long as they go to the end of the current very very long line of other people who want to be here too.

So it is with glee that I read this story telling how we here in the US under the evil dictatorship of George W Bush, who as we know is “worse than Hitler”, have actually been granting asylum to more homosexuals who are persecuted in their own countries.

Homosexuality, once a de facto condition for barring foreigners from entering the country, is now officially recognized by the U.S. government as a category that might subject individuals to persecution in their homeland, just as if they were political dissidents in a dictatorship or religious minority members in a theocracy.

And for that I am proud of this country. You hear a lot of crap of how much of a horrible nation this is. We’re not.

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  1. I agree with you, but the 76% Democrat county we live in that is all you hear is how evil we are. Must hurt to have that much self hatred.

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